AKN Wellness is a service based health and wellness organization. Our mission is to inundate communities with resources to overcome obstacles and help people reach and maintain their optimal health and wellness.



(Owner, RN, BSN)

AKN Wellness was born out of Felicia’s desire to meet the wellness needs of communities with limited access to wellness-based resources and services. She is passionate about caring for people and has a genuine desire for everyone to experience true health, wellness, and success.

Kimberly K. Grob

(Medical Director, FNP)

Kimberly K. Grob is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in internal medicine who is licensed in Minnesota. Since graduating with honors in 2015, she has maintained a diverse practice, focusing now on the importance of feeling healthy to being healthy. As our medical director, she is following her passion for helping others look and feel youthful.


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Nutrition Support

GloSkin Space
Beauty & Wellness